CD's | IRA's

Investments are an important part of a person’s financial success. We want to help you find an investment program that will best fit your needs and goals. At Lowry State Bank, we offer many different ways to grow your finances. Through our competitive rates and expertise, we will help you arrive at a place, financially, that you will feel great about!

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Certificates of deposit provide a safe means for you to meet your savings goals while paying you a higher interest rate than a regular passbook savings account.

  • $500.00 minimum deposit required
  • Time deposits with terms from 3 months to 4 years
  • Interest compounded and credited quarterly*
  • Penalty imposed for early withdrawal


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Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

It is never too late to begin planning and saving for your retirement. Individual retirement accounts are a simple and convenient way to start saving for the future.

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA


Choose Your Retirement Option:


  • Funds are invested in a Personal Savings account
  • Interest compounds daily and is credited monthly
  • Deposits can be added at any time
  • The rate is variable and is subject to change daily


  • Funds are invested in a Certificate of Deposit (CD)
  • Rate is determined at account opening and is fixed for the initial term of the CD. The rate may change upon maturity.
  • Interest is compounded and credited quarterly