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Update from Lowry State Bank

03/22/2020 - COVID-19 III

To our Valued Customers,


We have been continuously monitoring the COVID-19 situation, both locally and nationally, and with the ever-changing conditions, at this time we feel we need to further adjust how we are doing business.


Effective Monday, March 23rd, we are further restricting entry into our bank.  Our outside door will not be locked, however, further access into the bank (beyond our entry vestibule) will be limited.  We will have staff available to speak with you and assess how we can best meet your needs.  Ideally, we can serve you without having you further enter the bank; we will accomplish this by delivering items to you.  If your needs go beyond basic banking transactions, we will absolutely invite you into the bank to assist you.


We realize that this change is not convenient for any of us and it is a change that we wish we did not have to make.  That said, we believe, at least for now, that this is our best solution while knowing that we may need to make additional changes as conditions and information develops. 


For being the small bank that we are, we are very proud of the many ways we can continue to serve you.  Tools such as Online & Mobile Banking give you unrestricted access to your accounts 24/7.  Additionally, we will continue to serve you through Night Drop and our ATM's—allowing you to do anything that you would have been able to do inside of our facility.  Despite needing to restrict access to our bank, please be assured that we still plan to make safe deposit boxes, lenders, and new account officers available to you!  Simply call us at (320) 283-5149 to arrange an appointment.


Despite all of the current uncertainty, we will continue to be there for you… just like we have been for the last 120 years.  Our commitment to you will not waiver because we sincerely care about you.  We are absolutely in this together and we will get to a better place! 


Thank you for being part of our Lowry State Bank family!


In God We Trust,

Dave Lorence, President
Lowry State Bank


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