Card Control

Instantly control when your debit card can be used!

Through Online or Mobile Banking, enable or disable your debit card instantly!  Plus, report a lost or stolen card to initiate a workflow to protect your account!


Card ControlsBenefits of Card Controls:

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Accesible through Online or Mobile Banking (no need for a secondary app!)
  • Enable or disable your debit card instantly
  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Order a replacement card
  • Activate new cards


Enable/Disable your Card:

1) Login to Online or Mobile Banking

2) Select the account your debit card is tied to

3) Choose Manage Cards from the submenu

4) Select the appropriate card

5) Toggle the switch to OFF/ON

Note: if you have automatic payments coming from this debit card, you must keep your card turned ON or else it will decline the payment!


Report Lost/Stolen Card:

If you select Report Lost/Stolen, your current debit card will be immediately deactivated; this is irreversible!  Once it's flagged as lost/stolen, your card cannot be reactivated if found!  A new card will then be automatically ordered for your account; you will see it in 7-10 days and it will have a new 16-digit number.  If you need a different form of payment in the meantime, please contact us.


Order a Replacement Card:

If you choose Reorder Card, a replacement card will be automatically ordered for your account.  The replacement card will have the same 16-digit card number.  You would use this feature if your current card is damaged or becoming difficult to use.  You will be charged a $10.00 replacement fee.


Activate a Card:

If you receive a new card, you may use this feature to activate your card (without calling the number provided).  However, you must still set a PIN on your card by calling (800) 290-7893 or using it at an ATM.